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Purpose of the South Nutana Park / Jardin SNP Garden

There are several benefits to both partners in a community garden, and our vision is to meet these objectives:
1) Provide gardening opportunities for residents in the community who might otherwise not have access to adequate light and soil conditions where they reside;
2) Provide neighbourhood residents the opportunity to become engaged in a healthy recreation activity, while growing nutritious food, meeting neighbours, building a sense of community, learning about the growing cycle, and beautifying open space;
3) Provide a connection to the community for newcomers and low-income families with a location to grow food for their families;
4) Provide an educational opportunity for families in the area to understand the food cycle (versus buying at the grocery store) and to participate in growing food for their family;
5) Open the opportunity for ECF and Prince Philip students to incorporate gardening, environmental practices, composting and general soil and plant science activities to their curriculum or after-school programming.

Here are pictures taken in August 2018