4-H Saskatchewan in the City – Information Nights in June 2016

4-H is one of Canada’s largest and longest running organizations for youth! Do you like learning new things? Do you like having fun? Do you like making friends? Then 4-H is for you!

With a focus on fun and learning, 4-H provides opportunities, which will develop the skills needed in an ever-changing future. We take pride and ownership in being an organization based on our pledge, our values and the belief that the 4-H experience has a positive impact on individuals, families, communities and our country.

Although the 4-H program has its roots in rural Saskatchewan, 4-H Saskatchewan serves all youth throughout the province who are 6 to 25 years of age and of all racial, cultural, economic and social backgrounds. 4-H also relies on parental and leader involvement, making it a program for the whole family to participate in.

There are several information nights being held in June to learn more about 4-H Saskatchewan in the City. These information nights are to provide Saskatoon residents with the opportunity to learn more about what 4-H has to offer and how to become involved in 4-H as either a member or leader.

The following dates, location, and time are when the information nights are being held:
June 13 – Holy Cross High School – 7-8 p.m.
June 14 – B.J.M. High School – 7-8 p.m.
June 15 – St. Joseph High School – 7-8 p.m.
June 16 – E.D. Feehan High School – 7-8 p.m.

4-H Saskatchewan has given young people with a dream or interest (anything from photography to community gardens) the opportunity to sit down with someone who can show them how to do it. It is a time-tested learning process we call “learn to do by doing.”

The list of projects 4-H has to offer is extensive. Here are some examples of the projects offered to our 4-H members currently:
– Archery
– Astronomy
– Bicycling
– Canine
– Car Care
– Crafts
– Foods (Baking, Cake Decorating, International Cuisine)
– Gardening
– Genealogy
– Horseless Horse
– Jewelry Making
– Outdoor Living
– Photography (Digital Photo Editing, Digital Video)
– Scrapbooking
– Small Engines
– Small Pets
– Sewing
– Welding
– Woodworking
– Youth Leadership

If you are looking for more information, please visit www.4-h.sk.ca or phone the 4-H Office (306)933-7727 and ask to speak with Nicole.

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Nutana Park Community Cleanup

Saturday May 14, 9:00am

ECF school parking lot (2320 Louise Ave)

  • Trucks or trailers needed for each block
  • Garbage bins will be at ECF School parking lot (no dump trips needed!).
  • Items to bring: work gloves, rakes, shovels
  • Free BBQ after clean up at 1pm for volunteers

Remember, we are all volunteers! If you see someone cleaning the alley behind your house, come out and help! It’s a great way to meet neighbours and help make our community beautiful.

 Nutana-Park-Community-Cleanup Poster

          If you can help or for more information,

please email snpca.rink@gmail.com


*note no dumping of garbage in alleys before community cleanup


55 Alive Driving Refresher Course for South Nutana Park Community Seniors

The Saskatoon and District Safety Council is offering a 55 Alive Mature Driver Course at the Nutana Park Mennonite Church.  The course will be held from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Thursday April 21st and 1:00 pm – 5 pm Friday April 22nd.

The 55 Alive Driver Refresher Course is designed to help Canadians 55 and over to maintain their independence and their driving privileges.

The purpose is to renew your driving skills for today’s traffic.

There is no examination for those who take the course, and their license is not affected.  Participants will receive a certificate.

It is free of charge to seniors with the help of SGI and CAA

The course is presented using slides, videos and group discussion. Each participant receives a provincial driver’s handbook, SGI booklet for the Older and Wiser Driver, and a course workbook.

You must pre-register by April 14th. to take this course.  Contact Howard Giles at assistnow@me.com, or 306-373-3054 for further information or to register.

Bring your own lunch.  Beverages will be supplied.

Course Poster

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