Opportunity for Youth age 10-18

“CISV Saskatoon is hosting a mini camp weekend and we are looking for young people age 10-18 who are interested in participating. The youth should be interested in social justice, human rights and global friendship. They should be prepared to enjoy fun activities (inside and outside), participate in discussions and make new friends.

CISV is a non-profit organization that educates and inspires action for a more just and peaceful world. Our focus is on peace education and youth leadership/group work. CISV has no political or religious affiliations.

To register or for more information go to our website www.cisvsaskatoon.org

The camp will take place on December 4,5,6 starting at 7:00PM on Friday and ending at 1:00PM on Sunday. The camp is located at Beaver Creek Camp 15 minutes South of Saskatoon.”

South Nutana Park Community Association